Facebook Is A New Video Hub?

Facebook Video

If you are one of the iPhone users, you might have noticed this new video feature Facebook has launched for testing the market. Usually, Facebook allow auto-play videos appear on feed with no audio unless we tap to watch them intentionally. This new feature, however, let us scroll down to see other related videos Facebook has selected algorithmically for us. I remember myself scrolled down watching those videos suggested without knowing that it was a new thing from Facebook or, to be correct, a new way Facebook trying to be.

 What do you think Facebook would be in the next ten years? This question was raised in our morning lecture. Most of us agreed that it might not be the same as right now. We predicted some new technology might be adopted and engage more users than it does. Some said the name may not be “Facebook” anymore and some even agreed that Facebook might not be exist in the next ten years. There might be a new emergence of alternative social platforms.

 Of course, businesses cannot stick to the same strategies in order to get growing and I think considering the current move of Facebook since the beginning of this year we can kind of get a little hint of what they aim to go on for their next step.

Facebook aims to created video hub. They have been trying to test several features and the recent successful results motivate them to keep going. With no doubt, they trying to launch these new features similar to what YouTube has offered. Apart from “suggested video” feature, they also doing a “floating screen” and allow users to save video to watch later. They also partner with some main video producers to make sure they have store a variety of great content videos.

YouTube-Facebook Video Ad

I am not surprise of the growing numbers of people watching video on Facebook since they have already owned a huge number of their users-based. But the question remains that would they actually beat the 1st existing video platform, YouTube?

One of the big difference I reckon that distinguishes these two platforms in term of video hub is people go to YouTube because they want to watch video, while in Facebook case, people watch video on the platform because they see them on feed. YouTube videos are growing because of their users make their own videos publish and the increase of view comes from people who addicted to those vlog channels. Surely, Facebook won’t ignore that gap. They should have strategy to encourage users to upload videos directly to the platform.

However, I cannot picture all vloggers shift their channel from YouTube platform to Facebook platform (and it is strange to imagine the competition between YouTube vloggers Vs. Facebook vloggers). It is not quite easy for Facebook to change their users’ perception. Most of them, including me, still perceived that this is a social place where we can catch up with friends, comment or like their posts. I even gets annoy sometimes with the suggested videos on my feed.

So, this is just what I see. But it would be fun to read other opinions as well. Please feel free to leave your thought below. We can exchange more views on this!

Pasinee B.



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14 thoughts on “Facebook Is A New Video Hub?

  1. I think one reason that people shift from youtube to use Facebook VDO because it is linking with IG with now become more and more polular among teenages. Apart from its convinience, Facebook vdo hub works well with the short clip like TVC, or viral clips because it comes along with comments or attractive topics to trigger you to watch during you scrolling down the newsfeed.


    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes I do agree that VDO on Facebook is a good choice if marketers plan to launch a product clip VDO and expect it to be viral online. But that is still not powerful enough to drive demand from people to come visit VDO section on Facebook (if they officially launch one).

      I mean if one want to watch VDO, I bet he/she still go to YouTube channels at the first place anyway. What do you think?


      1. Youtube still be no.1 when thinking of VDO. But if Facebook really wanna come to play in this field. Facebook may need to hire famous contibutors from Youtube channel to create special content to drive people to visit more. As you can see, I watch youtube because we subscribe our favorite youtube channels (beauty, entertainment, and etc). Facebook should take this advantages now when million people are sick of Youtube pre-roll ads. Moreover, Youtube just launch Youtube Red, a new subscription service. The price is quite expensive 9.99 USD/Month. It’s not to difficult to seize this opportunity and steal youtube contribuitors, isn’t it?


      2. Yes, that was my point. YouTube successful come from the growing of each of their channel. It is very challenge though for Facebook to encourage people to do VDO and upload them on the platform. As I was saying, people still have a perception of Facebook as a place for friends and family.

        Regarding YouTube Red, I think that is how YouTube react to Facebook’s move. They trying to step away from this chasing game, which is very interesting to keep on watching.


  2. Thanks god that you choose this topic. I also observe many things that change from FB and video is the most obvious. I heard that currently, many businesses are successful from video viral especially in Thailand. I think that video are more seductive than another content and it makes people follow the content. FB might see this opportunities so that they adapt the system to watch video easier than swap to watch at youtube. However, i still believe that youtube won’t fade away because of this new feature of FB because youtube provides more stable system.
    Great topic with your writing style. I will looking forward to read more 🙂

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    1. Thank you fro comment 🙂
      Yes, I think so too. YouTube will take a step forward to do something new (which actually YouTube Red is, I think, a new step they aim to compete with Facebook). But I’m not really sure now though if they will still remain the 1st VDO platform after all.


  3. It is really fascinating how a social media platform has to change in so many ways right?

    I really enjoy the fact that Facebook reacts to the needs of the market, but I don’t know if Facebook is trying to get all the markets, they are the number one social network in terms of usage, they have this project to provide internet to all the world, they own a wide variety of promising start ups, one of them was Oculus Rift a Virtual reality company. They announced in the last days that they are going to launch an option to compete with Twitter in terms of the second screen while someone is watching a TV program.
    I don’t know how Facebook is going to be, but is becoming a really big company, not only for social media.

    Regarding the video broadcasting market, I think is very competitive; YouTube just announced that they are going to offer a new product, so you can buy a license as Spotify and have YouTube videos without ads.
    The success of Facebook selling the video option to us, the marketers, is that is a really tricky metric, because as you said, the platform automatically plays the video and after 4 seconds they count a view, so yes you are going to have thousands of views but at the end you don’t even know if your audience even saw completely.

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  4. Hi Angelica, thank you so much for stopping by my site. It is so exciting to see this change from YouTube, isn’t it? I mean I just posted this blog on the 18th and like 3 days later they announced something new already! Technology moves faster than our world!

    Well with YouTube Red, I think that’s a big step of YouTube and I reckon that is how they response to Facebook’s move as well. VDO is definitely the effective tool in terms of digital marketing right now and both of the big companies run this tool by money from Ads. To encounter with Facebook new strategy, YouTube step forward to satisfy their audiences more by banish ads (and also launched other music features) but of cause, charge the audiences instead. I think that is how the business runs. The interesting question is what are reactions from YouTube fans and audiences? I guess we’ll not have to wait too long to see.

    Now with the information of Oculus Rift, I didn’t really know the link of this company and Facebook! Thanks to you for broaden my view about this! I saw people raved about it in YouTube once. That is definitely a new technology, the next and the future technology development that we have to be prepare for!

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    1. Yes, the platforms are changing so fast; the market of social media platform has so many users that a simple change in our behavior is capable to change the industry. I don’t think that a lot of people are going to pay to YouTube for this service, but let’s see what happens.

      And, yes the Oculus and Facebook thing is amazing, Facebook is very interesting in developing the VR technology for us to have it inside the Facebook platform. I can’t wait to see how is going to be the content and the communication with all this technology.


  5. Hi, Pasinee

    For all I know, people like to share the video they interested in to others via Facebook. Actually, most of video are coming from Youtube. Do you think this seem to be advantage to Youtube rather than Facebook? I think this trend that we do, it automatic promote Youtube by sharing a video in Facebook.


    1. Yes, Packing I agree. That’s why YouTube had stayed so calm about this phenomenon because the source of video people share on Facebook are mostly from YouTube site anyway. However, Facebook has been trying to encourage people to upload video directly to the platform too and with this point I think it’s quite challenging for them. What do you think?

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  6. In my opinion Facebook is just a platform to base youtube videos and to provide more options for advertising. I think that each social networks should concentrate on several tools that characterized their original function. I mean they shouldn’t try to embrace everything. According to statistics Facebook was the one network people used less In 2014. Now they are trying to save themselves, but I think that the era of Facebook has started to coming to the end.


  7. Hi Liliia, thank you for your comment. I totally agree with you regarding how each platform should focus on their significant function. For me, it seems like Facebook is a place for everything and maybe that’s too wide for users to actually focus on what to do. I mean nowadays I never do any activities on Facebook anymore (except liking other posts sometimes) apart from share stuff from other apps. And plus, their suggested advertisements/suggested videos even make me feel careless to enter the site.


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