MOOC Reflection


After finished all three weekly sessions and let all the experiences sinked in, here I am, ready to crystallize my opinions towards this new learning model.

Talking about MOOC, a massive open online course, this is my first time being involved with it thoroughly. I never heard of these specific online courses before, even though they has been introduced as a new educational model for several years.

Because I really want this blog to reflect on only the concept and the context of MOOC alone, so I’ll skip and not mention about any systematic problems that may caused some inconveniences during the course. In my view, that’s not really the main point of MOOC anyway, it’s just some external factors that can be fixed separately. But this new learning experience model instead, that matters to me for this blog.

I found it was quite an impressive experience, especially in week one. I loved every single step of it. What I see in my stand, MOOC is a new learning practice that work very well for top universities. Apart from how it allows unlimited participants around the globe to get involved and provides  educational tools to support all non-native English speakers, they also build a diversified digital community in terms of nationalities, ages,occupations and most importantly different culture perspectives. It aims to lead participants to create new connections.

I really like how there is no right or wrong in particular topic or each discussion. And I enjoy to see why some strategies work for one culture but not for another. It is also suited people like me as it takes less afford to speak out (comment) some issues or ask questions in a group, whilst compare to in the class circumstance it might take me forever to get participate somehow (Asian culture!).

However, there are some drawbacks I became aware of in the end of week two. Taking online course means you’d be more isolated and have no interaction with classmates. Ever since we started the course, I reckon we have little activities or opportunities to socialise with classmates. I don’t want to blame it all on MOOC, but when people not spend enough time together (new postgrads case in particular) it becomes awkward especially when we need to form a team for group work later on. And even though MOOC is provided as a two-way communication platform, I can’t help but thinking that face-to-face interaction is more vivid and more engageable.

So to put it in a nutshell, MOOC is a new interesting learning experience for me. It enhances and diversifies the main course as well as knowledge itself. But maybe not right at the beginning of the academic year?

Pasinee B.



12 thoughts on “MOOC Reflection

  1. I heard MOOC when i researched a info about universities before i made an application.
    In my opinion, MOOC can be good tool as well as marketing channel for universities in order to promote to prospective students and to reflect high quality in education.


    1. Yep, that’s a good analyse of MOOC I definitely agree with you on your point. They even promote another courses after each course ends. What do you think about the method and experience though? Did you enjoy it?


  2. MOOC is good in the way of discussing with the diversity of people. Different culture, different ideas. and that is how to make you learn by MOOC. Actually, I like the content that MOOC bring to talk about which is more practical and people can share their ideas, work experience. Anyway, this is also my first experience to learn via online so i cannot compare much but in the end i’m happy with MOOC. 🙂


    1. Yes, it is also flexible so there’s not strict schedule for learners to attend but that’s also mean that you need to take care of yourself by managing your time in the right proportion. I found it is a hard work in some weeks. Also, you need to motivate yourself to login for new sessions because there’s no one telling you. Look at it in a positive way, it helps us get control of ourselves, isn’t it?


      1. Sure! we have to control ourselves. I think MOOC is the another measurement of self-motivation. We have to be responsibility not forcing like when we were kid. I agree that some topics are hard to understand too, so I’ve to search more about the information and back to discuss in MOOC.


  3. You totally pulled what I feel but I didn’t notice out. I can’t agree more, especially with the forming groups issues. Even though professors asked us to go check others’ blog posts, find who want to work with and just simply ask them. I feel awkward. I feel like they all will get a group with who they are sitting to in class. Therefore, even though MOOC offers us wide range of perspective around the world, but there’s lack of personal relationship.
    Do you think we really get connection from doing MOOC?


    1. Thank you for visiting by.
      Good question indeed, I think if there’s more clear structure of the learners’ profile then we might get some connection. For example, if its compulsory to fill in our occupation field or at least a private channel to chat with each learner then we might get some connection with whom we interested in continue further relation ( in a business mean). But for what I have experienced, I think no one would ever get a real connection. It’s too broad and we don’t know who is who in detail. Agree?

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      1. It’s true but that would be better though. Even though we won’t connect with them in real life, but we get the idea why this person has this particular perspective if we know some basic information.
        Moreover, if we found the person in the same company but different country, we might want to connect to them more. So seeing some connection or similar interest, we might get more online friends.

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  4. Indeed online courses put us in an isolation state away from people, but eventually the learning experience incorporate not only the material we’re studying but also the face-to-face interactions we get with our classmates and most importantly our instructor. I believe no matter how popular MOOCs become in the future, they will still not be able to replace the live human interaction experience provided by an actual physical class.


    1. Hi Houry, thank you for your comment. Yes, I don’t think MOOCs will replace a traditional education method either. As I mentioned, it will only help to enhance the existing education program and deliver more knowledge and experiences to students. I also agree with @Tedy’s comment above, that this is actually another way the university can use to promote their courses. But even though it was a great experience in those 3 weeks really, I wouldn’t agree to trade MOOCs with an old-school traditional lecture…no way!


  5. When I was writing my reflection on MOOC, I cannot decide if it is a true two-way communication. Sometimes I waited so long for a person to reply. Or maybe my comment is not interesting enough. Anyway, I prefer a responsive interaction from live class.


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